Hi, I'm Cristobal Heiss
I build Javascript things

About me

I'm a Software Developer based in Munich that likes to write in Javascript. My aim is to create code that is readable, clean, and with short immutable functions when possible.

Frameworks are nice, but I like to spend a lot of time with 'VanillaJS' to understand what is going on. That being, I have experience working with React, Next.JS and some bits and bytes of Node/Express as well.

Currently working on Global Savings Group, moving between Design Systems, building POCs, and tweaking things. Oh, and here is my blog.

author in the lake looking handsome lol

My Projects

Calculator App

This calculator was developed, as a challenge for Free Code Camp, using React and Redux to manage state. The display screen shows current entered value and current operation.

a calculator

Ragnarok Game

This is a turn-based game built mainly in Vanilla JS with a dash of jQuery. Players can move through a map, find weapons, danger, and if they encounter each other... fight!. Playable in PC.

Odin and Loki

URL-Shortener Service

A Node/Express backend application that generates shortened url's. I used MongoDB for data persistance. Currently loads slow because uses a free deployment service.

The interface of the app

Drum Piano Machine

This application was built with React. It has two modalities, one for percussion and the other one for piano. You can play sounds either with keyboard or clicking. Each sounds changes the background color!

Letters QWEASDZXC in individual tiles

Random Quote Service

This is a small service that is opened for requests. Most people when are learning about API's struggle to find a free simple API, so I made one of the Lord of The Rings. The endpoint provides randomly a quote, character who said that quote, and a url to the image(hosted in the same server).

The Tree of Gondor with a purple background

Random Quote App

This App is a simple React App that shows random Lord of The Rings quotes. I built it because it uses the backend service mentioned above, so it's and example for anyone who would like to use my API. Since both apps are hosted in free services, initial load might take a while.

The Tree of Gondor with a purple background

Lord of The Ipsum

This is an old but beloved app. Since at the time I was building a lot of HTML websites, I needed one lorem ipsum that I really liked, so I built mine with plain HTML, JS and CSS, and a JSON file I wrote to source the data.

Lord of The Ipsum app screenshot

Developed by Cristobal Heiss